I want to read it

how you got from one day to the next

it’s the closest I’ll ever be

to feeling control

in this ocean of unknowns.

Did you wake with blurry eyes from too much screen time,

rewatching a comedy special you saw with 2 friends half a decade ago.

Did you ache a little thinking of how old you are becoming?

Write it all

word for word.

I want to know about the dullest of days

when sadness didn’t interfere, nor joy

when nothing profound emerged

when you felt stupid trying.

Write about how you survived the lull

or didn’t.

I’d like to know how you got from one day to the next.

It’s the closest I’ll ever be

to feeling control

in this ocean of unknowns.

Would you?

A Return To Trust & Child Like Wonder

My personal journey with art revealed that without creative expression I am soul starved. It is interesting because in creating something one would imagine exhaustion but it’s quite the opposite — it’s a celebration of the immense power within to be able to create something from nothing. I have felt its reward which is why I keep making my first strokes, trusting each time that I am headed somewhere beautiful. I wish for everyone to feel that trust without having to submerge in the intricacies of technique. These sessions began as a step in that direction.

Mindfulness, Circle Sharing, Performances, Community

We started all womxn open mics from our own experiences of feeling unsafe at existing open mics in the city. Not only were these spaces dominated by men, the format of these open mics made the whole experience of performing scary and unwelcoming. Khyati and I(Nalini) decided to create our own space, one that made the task of expressing more fun and less daunting for both beginners and established artists. Here are some pictures from when reluctant audience members got on stage and said their pieces:

by Nalini Mittal

Child. Like. Wonder

I feel nothing.

I feel too much.

I feel panic.

I feel nothing.

I feel like there is too much.

I feel fear.

I feel nothing.

I feel joy.

I feel fear of not feeling joy.

I feel like I am feeling too much.

I feel like I am not right.

I feel fine.

I feel like I am fine.

I feel like I need to be fine to feel okay.

I feel not fine. I feel not okay.

I feel a deep sadness for what I am losing.

I feel a repressed emotion surfacing.

I feel aware.

I feel…

I stepped into a large pool of I don’t know and I didn’t even know it. I stood right in the center of it, of everything I was about to be familiar with, as if I could peak into what was to come but feel none of it. Imagine feeling completely okay with all of that information you were about to soak in, staring right at you; while you got off the flight and searched eagerly for your booked vehicle, while you stared out of the window of that same vehicle taking in first impressions of what it was like…


It was the usual day at work, work itself being new to me, but nothing out of the ordinary itching my loins when I found myself listening to a thorough explanation of why women are asking too much too soon, about our evolution which will come slowly but surely, about how working for us is still a choice and that men are victims of this movement, that might in fact be happening at a slightly uncomfortable pace for the middle-class Indian. Nothing out of the ordinary here. What was unusual though was that there was no connection of what I…

She waits for spectacular views of the beach that aren’t as far away as they had seemed a few weeks ago. She waits to walk the shore, avoiding the tiny crabs but also displacing some of them from their homes(she loves shells). She longs for it, the breathtaking view, but more than the view she awaits a time when she would be free of concern. You see, she is caught up with matters of the week and her only silver lining is the wait for something beautiful, the wait makes the stinking week seem alright. …

first, a shade of sarcasm
I, a self-proclaimed victim, a complaint box, the overfed child, the indecisive student, the affectionate being spectacularly managing also to be a pain to many, was a mere 18 years of age when I accidentally struck gold. I had finally been introduced to a feeling so advertised, I was convinced was a scam. Who would have thought that I needed my dad’s hard earned money, his frequent flier miles, my mother’s reluctant blessing and the least important of all, courage, to actually find this sought after feeling that I now beg and advertise in greater flair…

This world is one massive baggage. First, it expects you to be born. Then to inculcate learnings from all adversity. And then, when you have fought adversity in one dimension, it still waits for the next leg of this ‘journey’. So while we fight the internal and external and the battles with neither source, we must remember to also be open to joy, freedom, the easier way, the things we don’t have to fight for. Wholeheartedly

Sometimes I forget that I don’t have to fight everything.

I don’t need to fight everything. Let that sink in.

I don’t have to…


A Serving to Myself

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